Each character is good at some things and bad at others.

On your character sheet, write down:

  1. The things your character is good at, and why they’re good at it; choose between
    1. Three things they’re good at; or
    2. One thing they’re good at, and one thing they’re really good at.
  2. One thing your character is bad at, and why.
  3. One thing your character wants, and why.
  4. One item your character has, and how they came to have it.

Little Mikey is a young mouse who gets scared easily. He’s good at:

  • Running (because he’s always running away from stuff)
  • Watching out for trouble (because he’s very careful)
  • Climbing (because he loves being high up)

Little Mikey is bad at:

  • Being Brave (because he’s always worried that something bad will happen to him)

Little Mikey wants:

  • To spend his time reading peacefully (because he loves reading, but when he’s worried, he has trouble concentrating on the story)

Finally, Little Mikey has:

  • A big book of stories given to him by Pastor Timothy as a birthday gift


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